vivere una vita bella… christine


vivere una vita bella …christine






vivere una vita bella …christine

So every once in awhile I feel like its important to verbalize the things we’re thankful for…

I have so much but here’s the shortlist:

  • My new job! Only 233 hours until I’m back on Michigan soil. I miss it there so much. Oh AND my new gig is at an amazing place with an awesome gym and personal trainers on staff for employees. YAY!
  • This blog post — Mindfulness in the Midst of Uncertainty. If you have a few minutes, read it. It’s a good read, very good for anyone who tends to worry a lot about stupid things (ie. moi).
  • My family and friends… I really don’t know what I would do without them!
  • Sephora. I just love that place. I could spend hours in the store and not ever get bored. LOVE.
  • Speaking of shopping, I am thankful for all of the awesome malls greater Chicago. My sis and I have taken a few road trips over the last several weekends and found some fun malls in Illinois (currently living in Wisconsin, blegh) .
  • My birthday presents! I am so spoiled and I love all my new stuff!
  • A healthy, happy life. What more can I ask for… really?

Let me just picture bomb you here with what I am most thankful for… 🙂

out to dinner with my mom and aunt (obvs super fancy… haha)
beautiful sunset on Memorial Day weekend
getting my (safe) tan on
enjoying a bloody mary at Cafe Hollander (me, not Addy)


Enjoy your day! 

vivere una vita bella …christine


Happy Wednesday!

So I think I posted last week about my growing obsession with friendship bracelets and how I am so excited that they are coming back into style. Well over the past few days I’ve acquired three of these gems and I’m about to show you how I’m rocking my bestie bands.

 From left to right:

Lime green bracelet with rhinestones (J.Crew — couldn’t find on the website. My sister purchased it at one of the J.Crew stores in Wisconsin as a little 30th b-day giftie pour moi.)

Black silk wrap bracelet with charms (Ettika — this is on the website somewhere, I just got sort of lazy and didn’t find it. Peruse the website, you will love everything! This bracelet is from my best friend. She even wrote out a little paragraph detailing a personal meaning for each one of the charms… “the skull charm represents how many times we almost died, but didn’t…” LUCKILY!)

Purple silk cord with pearl and silver accents (Banana Republic — couldnt find on the website. I purchased this in the store for myself. I also bought one for my baby sis because she’s my Wisconsin bestie. Hers is turquoise silk cord and gold accents. It’s really cute. And if you shop now, all full-price jewelry is 40% off in the store.)

The nail polish is Essie Turquoise and Caicos.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I may venture into the world of crafting (ie. making my own bracelets) and if I do, I will absolutely post lots of pictures!

vivere una vita bella… christine

So, this starts today…

Tonight will be an easy four miles. Wish me luck for the first long run this weekend… I will may die.

vivere una vita bella… christine

Happy Thursday loyal readers… hahaha

I absolutely loved these books. 🙂

I know, I know… terrible. I should have better taste in literature, but they were just too cute to resist. I am not the girl to turn up my nose at  any sort of chick lit. I am not above the Shopaholic books and USWeekly is my bible… well not bible, but I really like it. I digress.

So let’s just be honest here… are you a Rachel or a Darcy? I know all of you Darcys out there aren’t going to admit it, but come on, own it!

I’m 100% Darcy and actually quite proud of it! And I had a totally Rachel-esque situation happen to me. It was the girl I thought could never get the guy I had… and sure enough, she did! I’ve mended ways with the guy, we have no ill feelings towards each other, but obviously things with the girl have changed. Oh well… what can ya do? Her loss.

Did you all see the movie?! I thought Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin both did such an amazing job… love my fellow blondie Kate.

Anyways, this is a pretty boring post because I’m pretty tired. Have a great day!

vivere una vita bella… christine